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Dance the Rock'n'Roll of the river

Rafting – when one dances with wildwater. Or better: when many people dance. Because rafting is a team sport. And only together do you bring this "raft", earlier built from wood, to its destination.  Today "raft" stands for robust inflatable rubber boats made of multi-layered material with independent air chambers. Therefore nothing stands in the way of our dance with wildwater. Official rafting world championships have even been organised since 2001.

Nothing for loners

The saying goes that shopping together at Ikea on a Saturday is the ultimate partnership test.

 We up the ante, not only for couples, but also for companies, clubs or families – with an extra portion of fun: two to three people “dance” on the Canadian canoes. And on the big raft teams 0f eight to twelve people paddle their way down the river. In addition, we – or your team – build a raft out of many canoes during events or company olympiads (see picture below)

“S” is for Serious fun and Safety

 For your safety our experienced raft guides and kayak riders accompany you on every trip. They provide you with all tips and tricks from the first moment, i.e. from the instruction before the actual trip. Furthermore, on- and off-the-job training of our guides guarantees the highest degree of safety.  Also, the complete and regularly checked safety equipment is provided by Canyoning Team. To us, when it comes to your safety, foreign equipment is exactly that – foreign.

Our Speciality: 16 km down the Bergenzer River

Our guiding permit for Vorarlberg - the Bregenzer River: this exciting "home run" for Canadian canoes and rafts offers 14 to 16 km of wildwater, depending on water level - enough for your adventure.

The facts:

You should allow 5 to 7 hours for a rafting trip. A lunch break is included in the price. Our meeting point is our base at Gasthof Ritter, from there it is a short drive to the start of the rafting tour. And to top off your day we have plenty of ideas: how about a little party with great barbecue on an open fire under the stars, or in our big tents? Come on, you deserve it!

Requirements: No experience is required. Instruction is provided, the ability to swim is the only prerequisite on those trips. And: alcohol and drugs before and during a trip are a big no-no. Nature gives us our kick.

Weather: water levels are usually higher in spring. Depending on water levels and weather, especially during snowmelt, we reserve the right to choose the appropriate boat required, and even to cancel the tour. No worries though, rafting is the ideal programme for rainy days, you won’t notice the few drops falling from above. Divers don’t ask for sunshine, and neither do we in those deep gorges.

Other info: Start and finish locations will be tailored to your group. A minimum number of 4 persons apply, smaller groups will be combined.



 Times & Locations:will be tailored to your needs, boat type will be suited to the conditionsDuration: 5 - 7 hours including instruction and lunchMinimum Number: 4 PersonsPrice per Person: € 76,- / SFR 95,-

with certified guides

no experience needed, just the ability to swim

Safety equipment is provided

You need to bring: swimsuit, towel - and a strap for your glasses if you wear some

Your personal offer on request



Not only can you go rafting with us, but you can also discover the most beatiful canyons of europe.

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